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Post Treatment Information: Bridges


When And What Can I Eat?

If there was anesthetic used during your procedure - please avoid chewing until the numb feeling has completely gone away. Avoid using the area where the bridge was placed for at least one hour in order to let the cement fully set. Keep in mind that you do have a restoration but feel free to use your restoration like you would your normal teeth.


Can I Brush And Floss?

Brush your teeth as you normally would it is very important to keep your bridge in great condition just like your other teeth. Use floss threaders or Superfloss to clean around the teeth that support your bridge and under your bridge. It is very important to keep this area clean and you must clean your bridge at the minimum once a day.


What If There Is Discomfort?

You may experience some discomfort due to irritation to the area during the treatment procedure. If for any reason your bite does not feel even or balanced please call to come in and have us adjust it at your earliest convenience.

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