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Temporary Restoration Instructions


When And What Can I Eat?

If there was anesthetic used during your procedure - please avoid chewing until the numb feeling has completely gone away.Avoid using the area where the temporary was placed for at least one hour in order to let the temporary cement fully set. Be advised to avoid chewing gum or eating hard or sticky foods on your temporary as these types of foods may cause the temporary to become loose of fall off.


Can I Brush And Floss?

Brush your teeth as you normally would - it is just as important to keep a temporary clean as it is to keep your other teeth clean. Do not floss your temporary - it will pop it off!

What If There Is Discomfort?

You may experience some discomfort due to irritation to the area during the treatment procedure.You may also experience sensitivity to cold or pressure - the temporary restoration does not hold off cold like your other teeth or the permanent restoration will.Your new permanent crown will be shaped and shaded especially to your teeth - the temporary is made to serve you temporarily, so its color and fit are not custom-matched to your teeth.

What Do I Do If My Temporary Comes Off?

If possible - save the temporary so we can re-cement it.

Call us at 973.625.3335 and we will be able to get you in at your earliest convenience.

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